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Trance High Energy 140bpm Mix (23, June 2015)


01. Tranzemaniac Mashup - Touch Me [Orpheus, Berg vs. Rui Da silva vs. Mohammad Bahi]
02. Paul Denton - Wire Tap (Original Mix)
03. Paul Denton & Project 8 - Decipher (Original Mix)
04. Delalune - Dorei (Mike Sanders Remix)
05. Tranzemaniac Mashup - Sinister Silence vs. Ehren Stowers - Vainqueur/Someday
06. James Mcguire - O.R.C.H.I.D. (Original Mix)
07. Lostly - Take This Acid (Indecent Noise Remix)
08. The Thrillseekers - Find You (Orestis Remix)
09. Gelardi - As The Morning Breaks (Original Mix)
10. Iversoon & Alex Daf Vs. Sunset Ft. Martina Kay - Your Faith (Ark Planet Remix)
11. Lostly - Lost Angeles (Original Mix)
12. Joze Linecker - Switch The Knob (Original Mix)
13. Sam Jones - Let Loose (Original Mix)
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Top Trance Tunes (20-Feb-2015)

Enjoy the latest bunch of tracks mixed together by Tranzemaniac.

01. Andy Ling - Fixation (Relaunch Remix)
02. Sound Quelle - Dusk (Original Mix)
03. Michael Badal & Ellie Lawson - Closer (Original Mix)
04. Ad Brown feat. Frida Harnesk - When Stars Align (Sollito Remix)
05. Same K - For You (Above & Beyond Edit)
06. Kyau & Albert feat Maria Nayler - Calming Rain (Original Mix)
07. Gurban Abbasli & Mel Amy - When Will U Return (Gordon Coutts Remix)
08. Mark L - F**king Gateway Timeout (Original Mix)
09. Armin Van Buuren Presents Rising Star Feat. Betsie Larkin - Safe Inside You (Original Mix)
10. Allen & Envy And Jo Cartwright - Without It (Original Mix)
11. Indecent Noise & Bryan Kearney - Uncommon World (Lostly Remix)
12. Ferrin & Low - Westworld (Main Mix)
13. Fresh Code - Katrin (Original Mix)
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140 BPM Uplifting Trance Mix (06 Feb, 2015)


[0:00] - Miroslav Vrlik - Side Effects (Original Mix)
Slovakian sensation Miroslav Vrlik is in fine form as he presents his third Monster outing in as many months. A hypnotic, classic, styled main hook backed by tough no nonsense beats and bass lines, this is another hit for the high tempo faithful!

[5:58] - Simon Patterson - Whites Of Her Eyes (Original Mix)
“Whites of Her Eyes” is a monstrous, peak time record that energetically and seamlessly slams its way through an impeccable progression of driving riffs, bad ass drums and trademark Patterson basslines.

[11:10] - Denise Rivera & Dennis Pedersen - For You To Wake Up (Original Mix)
Denise Rivera shows us once again why she is a leading lady in the Trance community. 'For You to Wake Up' is a well measured Trancer and is sure to be a dance floor filler.

[15:44] - Angry Man & Second Sine - Neurotoxin (Original Mix)
Fluoro artist Angry Man is back with another storming peak timer - this time collaborating with Second Sine on “Neurotoxin”. Oozing with acids and driving filthy lead lines, “Neurotoxin” takes you on a dark twisting rollercoaster ride of goa-esque synths mixed with cutting edge, futuristic production.

[20:25] - O'Callaghan & Kearney - Exactly (Matthew Dunne Remix)
Exactly is one of the most iconic releases in the Discover catalogue. Matthew Dunne is definitely a quality-over-quantity producer. His previous releases have received repeat plays on Armin van Buuren's ASOT radio show with his unique approach to trance production adding a stylish twist to this timeless classic.

[26:21] - Solarstone - Nothing But Chemistry Here (Sean Tyas Remix)
It’s audio alchemist Sean Tyas who’s first to bring his inimitable style of chemistry to ‘Nothing’s sound compound. He takes the lusciously brooding landscape of Solarstone’s Original vision and accelerates its tempo to peak-time speed, while ramping up ‘Chemistry’s pH up to near hazardous levels of acidizing 303.

[31:27] - Aly & Fila vs Sneijder - Full Throttle (Extended Mix)
One of the world’s finest Trance duos, who have risen to stardom since the early 00s teams up with the rising star Sneijder to bring this uplifting tech monster in house.

[36:00] - Bryan Kearney pres. KARNEY - Say Nothing (Original Mix)
The Original Mix is a floor shaking kick and sub bass combine to perfection to create dance floor anarchy whilst the tech laden percussions and filtered piano loop bring a dose of groove to the table.

[39:00] - NatLife ft. Muhib Khan - Elenda (AERO 21 Darker Mix)
Smooth driving remix by AERO 21, some forgotten trance elements can be heard on this one.

[46:04] - Lostly ft. Amber Traill - No Direction Home (Thomas Datt Remix)
Thomas Datt's remix pull this single release firmly into the trance arena whilst simultaneously delivering remixes of the highest quality that perfectly compliment the excellent Original.

[52:29] - Allen & Envy - Coherent (Original Mix)
Allen & Envy deliver a powerful uplifting track. Haunting vocals and a beautiful melody! On remix duties we welcome back Johnny Yono with a more gritty remix, following the success of his track Pulverize which gained great support!

[57:32] - Mac & Monday - Raysa (Original Mix)
Mac & Monday return with their 3rd single on Borderline, Raysa! And the track is as cool as the name suggests! Possibly one of the best original productions on the label, Raysa gives a breath of life to the trance scene - just when you think high quality trance is no where to be found, Borderline strikes!

[1:03:00] - N2O vs. Cell X - Alive (Will Rees Remix)
Will has created a new monster, rock solid from the ground up with pumping arpeggio layered basslines, groove inducing vocal fx and a splattering of pulsating acid work ramping up the energy, whilst Will tinkers with the lead melody creating his very own unique version of this monster tune!

[1:08:30] - Nicholson - Electric (Original Mix)
Carl Nicholson's Tangled Audio debut is nothing short of epic.'Electric' is still very much a dance floor destroyer with driving basslines, dreamy melodies, an epic Uplifting lead and a gorgeous piano.

[1:13:18] - DJ Tim & Misjah - Access (John Askew Remix)
One of the most iconic trance records of all time Misjah and Tim's "Access" was an abnormally big hit when first released on X-Trax in 1995 - a gritty acid monster that drew support from DJs from across the board. And here she is - back again on Perfecto Fluoro with a slick 2014 reworking by 140 gangster John Askew.
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[140 BPM] Pure Euphoric Melodic Uplifting Atmospheric Orchestral Tech Trance (01 Oct, 2014)


[00:00] Artur - Aura (Beat Anatomy Remix)
Magic Trance presents new tune from young talented Artur, he created an awesome tune called 'Aura'. We have a tight banging drums, deep bass line, atmospheric pads. Breakdown light and soft goes to smoothly to the main moment. The culmination of bright and energetic, epic main melody. In this release we have great remixes from Akku and Beat Anatomy. Each of these tunes perfect for any dance floor. This is Magic Trance!

[05:48] Ferrin & Morris - Amatoria (Original Mix)
Josh Ferrin and Alan Morris are ready to drop their latest creation. 'Amatoria' is a pure trance release, packed with rolling basslines, tight percussion, a beautiful breakdown with warm atmosphere and a massive lead synth at the climax.

[11:20] Mohamed Bahi - Atlas Highland (Original Mix)
Mohamed delivers his first release to VANDIT's door. Serrated riffs, rolling drums, echoed female harmonics and deliciously tense intro melodies all mark the start of the journey to 'Atlas Highland'. From there Bahi deploys prowling, pitching acid lines to further heady the brew, before dropping it, from height, into a bottomless ocean of sensational pad & chord-isms. Programming the break's arrangement for maximum impact, he slowly allows those tweaking 303s to creep their way back in. Finally, with a dazzling production sleight of production hand, he uncorks a huge side-chain-compressed, stadium-sized synth riff.

[16:50] John Sunlight - 12 Stars (Original Mix)
'12 Stars' builds up neatly in a melodic and energetic way with edgy basslines and pluck melodies that take the track to a breakdown with soundscapes and piano touches which set the climax.

[22:47] Nicholson - Time (Original Mix)
Hard Trance legend Carl Nicholson breaks open a new Trance alias in the obvious guise as 'Nicholson'.'Time' is a melancholy cover of a Han Zimmer's 'Inception' film score which was begging to be converted into trance production.

[28:00] John Dopping - Words in Colour (Original Mix)
John Dopping is arguably one of the most intelligent trance producers on the planet. The intricacies and quality of his production and most of all his writing are quite literally second to none. Classically trained, as were sure can be heard in his melodies, John is always putting 200 percent into his music and we are happy that he returns to Borderline with a brand new EP.

[34:40] Adam Deane - Crucial State (A & Z Remix)
Adam Deane serves up Together Recordings latest peak-time trance fireball with the absolutely incredible ‘Crucial State’! On remix duty, A & Z inject acid fueled arp lines, shimmering counter melodics and piano breakdowns into the mix for a truly spectacular rework.

[40:00] Paul Oakenfold - Cafe Del Mar (Original Mix)
Paul Oaklenfold's Trance Mission album -- due for release in the Spring will feature fresh and exciting cover versions of ten of Oakenfold's all time favourite trance records. The first single on Perfecto Fluoro from the album is Paul's driving remake of one of the most recognizable riffs of all time in electronic music.Mixmag voted "Best Tune Ever" in 2001 and BBC Radio 1 listener voted best dance track of the last 20 years in 2011 there have been countless remixes of "Café Del Mar" over the years but few have covered this seminal title till now.

[45:00] Ali Wilson - Dionysus (Extended Mix)
The second Ali Wilson single of the year is another track taken from his Tribe-Olution album. This extended mix of 'Dionysus' is an up-to-speed track with Ali's signature unique sound.Ali Wilson is no stranger to the electronic music scene and has well earned his praise with his unique sound and unparalleled technical skills. He is known as a highly accomplished and distinctive producer with the DJ abilities to match.

[51:40] John Askew - Plush (Original Mix)
Despite the cutesy, innocent name, Plush is nothing to sneeze at, as John delightfully rolls up his sleeves and gleefully digs into the shitpile of the grimy underground to pull forth a relentless, yet multishaded release that combines many different elements of his aged past that fully establishes his rightful place within the Trance community.

[56:30] Robbie van Doe - Deception (Original Mix)
Moving over from Discover Digital, British producer and DJ Robbie Van Doe has had a busy year, having released singles on Nu Depth, Mental Asylum amongst others, and now joins Discover Dark for this pumped-up new release 'Deception'.The original is fuelled by a colossal energy that deceives the mind before delving into a full-on, high-octane acid hook.
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Tranzemaniac - 'India In The Mix 002' at AH.FM

This was my set for "India In The Mix 002" organized by TranceHub at AH.FM, aired on 31,Aug 2014.

Download: [The Future is Progressive] [Best Online Trance Radio]

01. Liam Wilson - The Speed Of Design (Harmonic Rush vs. Allan Morrow Remix)
02. Sam Jones & Rhys Thomas - Sectioned (Original Mix)
03. Indecent Noise feat. Noire Lee - Glitches (Original Mix)
04. John Askew - Mechanism (Original Mix)
05. Luke Bond Feat. Roxanne Emery - On Fire (Aly & Fila Remix)
06. John O'Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky (Adam Ellis Remix)
07. Aly & Fila feat. Karim Youssef - Laily (Photographer Remix)
08. Nick Callaghan & Craig Meichan - Rectify (Nick Callaghan Remix)
09. Indecent Noise - The Darker The Better (Original Mix)
10. Bowdige & Taylor - Unstable (Original Mix)
11. Eddie Bitar feat. Christina Novelli - Start Again (Original Mix)
12. Denton & McGregor - Crossing Borders (Liam Melly Remix)
13. John Gielen - Physical Overdrive (Darren Porter Remix)
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Tranzemaniac - As The Rush Comes 2014 (Trance RapidMix)

01. Shogun - Erhu (Intro)
02. Paul Van Dyk Feat Arty - The Ocean (Eddie Bitar Remix)
03. Tritonal Feat. Phoebe Ryan - Now Or Never (Estiva Vs. Juventa Remix)
04. Sean Tyas & Noah Neiman Feat. Fisher - Lose My Logic (Melodic Mix)
05. Max Graham, Neev Kennedy - Sun In The Winter (Khomha Remix)
06. York - Farewell To The Moon (Alexander Popov Remix)
07. Giuseppe Ottaviani Feat. Shannon Hurley - I Am Your Shadow (Heatbeat Remix)
08. Bjorn Akesson - Slam! (Original Mix)
09. Christian Burns With Maison & Dragen - Perfectly (Original Mix)
10. Natik - Room 37 (Original Mix)
11. Toby Hedges - Sukha (Original Mix)
12. Nicholas Bennison - Shattered Angles (Original Mix)
13. Andrew StetS - The Man Who Fights With A Dragon (Arisen Flame Remix)
14. Robert Nickson Vs Relocate - Recognition (Original Mix)
15. Gareth Emery Feat. Bo Bruce - U (Club Mix)
16. Sean Tyas - Now You See (Original Mix)
17. Gaia - Empire Of Hearts (Original Mix)
18. Bobina - Refuge (Original Mix)
19. Solarstone feat. Lemon - Lovers (Pure Mix)
20. Hazem Beltagui, Rebecca Louise Burch - Lost Again (Ian Standerwick Remix)
21. Mohamed Bahi - Illimited Space (Original Mix)
22. Sun & Set - Second Sunrise (Dan Stone Remix)
23. Sunset & Alpha Force Feat. Robin Vane - With You (Allen & Envy Remix)
24. Bissen, Victor Dinaire - Ikon (Original Mix)
25. Seneta Ft. Ben Shaw - Valhalla (Original Mix)
26. Mark Bester feat. Love Dimension - The Voice (Sunset Remix)
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Tranzemaniac - The Voyager 2014 (Melodic, Progressive Trance)

01. Mike Sonar - Aesthetics (Original Mix)
02. Dan Stone - Hermana (Original Mix)
03. EDU & Kristoffer Ljungberg - Around The Sun (Original Mix)
04. Marsh - Waiting For The Mail Man (Jayeson Andel Remix)
05. Bastian Salbart - Yes We Can (Original Mix)
06. Shogun - Erhu (Original Mix)
07. Winkee - Helsinki (Original Mix)
08. Stephen Kirkwood - Off The Edge (Original Mix)
09. Fred Numf & Etienne Overdijk - Horizon (Original Mix)
10. Sied Van Riel & Bjorn Akesson - Regulators (Original Mix)
11. Johnny Yono - Open Your Mind (Original Mix)
12. Peter Hulsmans - Motionless (Original)
13. Max Graham Vs Maarten De Jong - Lekker (Original Mix)
14. Peter Hulsmans - Intouchable (Original Mix)
15. Solarstone - Voyager (Peter Hulsmans Remix)
16. Robert Nickson Vs Relocate - Recognition (Original Mix)
17. Binary Finary vs. Iversoon & Alex Daf - Dark Side (Original Mix)
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Melodic Emotional Uplifting Trance Mix (30,May 2014)

Listen | Download
I am back once again with this beautiful melodic 140BPM trance mix. Close your eyes, sit back and relax.
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Tech-Uplifting Trance Powermix (29, May 2014)

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There were some people who were waiting for a set like this. Get re-charged with powerful-tech side of Trance music. Pumping beats are going to drive you crazy on this one :). 
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Progressive Uplifting Vocal Trance Mix (27, May 2013)

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Another vocal trance mix I did today. Last mix got blocked by Youtube so I did another short version of my previous mix.
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